Chronic Pain Relief with Wilopa Method

Chronic Pain Relief with Wilopa Method

If you are suffering with chronic pain from which there seems no apparent cause, then there is still hope for chronic pain relief!

Imagine your chronic pain being a form of communication, a messenger to you that something in your system requires immediate attention and care. However, the pain you’re feeling at this moment is uncomfortable, unproductive, and you do not understand its important message.

Ask yourself, “How would I rather learn the message without having to endure pain and discomfort?” Some suggestions may include a thought in your mind that you can process and deal with. Or perhaps a spiritual sensation or awakening to the issues. Or whatever you decide is best for you instead of the pain.

Now, speak directly to that pain messenger and acknowledge it with thankfulness and love for its message and service to you. This part is very important. If you feel unable to address your pain with the love and respect it deserves then STOP.  You must complete another process first in order to release any negative emotions concerning the pain.

When you’re ready, tell the pain to subside and reveal its message to you in your favorite chosen manner. This might be instant, or it may take a while. Remain patient, calm, and open to receiving. When you receive the message, thank the messenger again and tell it to be at peace. Assure the messenger that you’ll address and resolve the issue(s). Then immediately get started on resolving that issue!

You don’t have to solve it all at once. If the issue is physical then it takes time to seek medical attention and then heal. If the issue is emotional then that could take time as well; or it could be instant depending on the issue and the resolution process. But you must begin your healing process within 24 hours of receiving your message and promising to resolve it. If you do not then the pain will more than likely return to remind you.

The subconscious mind holds on to chronic pain and symptoms when it doesn’t know how to deal with the issue. It’s the mind’s way of protecting you and sending you the message that something is wrong. As soon as you give your subconscious mind a better way to address and resolve the issue, it will exchange that pain or symptom for the new messaging, understanding, and healing action.