WILOPA™ Healing System

WILOPA™ is a simple and proven system for solving personal problems and healing emotional pain at the subconscious level.

When you are ready for positive change in your life, WILOPA empowers you to quickly and easily solve problems and move forward toward goals. You accomplish this easily and nearly effortlessly with this problem solving and holistic healing system.

What makes Wilopa stand out differently from other holistic therapy programs is it’s core philosophy of living “AT CAUSE” for ongoing health and wellness during and after the program. Wilopa is great for restoring and maintaining your long lasting emotional health and physical well being.

We help you reprogram your subconscious mind to naturally think and feel differently in a way that is right for you; in whatever way you’d rather think and feel differently about whatever is bothering you or holding you back. This creates and promotes a new strong potential within you. As you act upon your new potential that ultimately leads you to finding and enjoying all the success you desire in whatever subject or context is most important to you.

It’s a step-by-step program with live support, advice, and guidance from a certified practitioner. The end result is more clarity, release from that which is holding you back, more fulfillment from life, and growing into a better version of YOU.

WILOPA is an acronym. It stands for:

  • Wisdom
  • Love
  • Patience
  • Power
  • Action

With those 5 major components long lasting healing can occur in full. Without one or more of those, then results may vary from partial to incomplete.

Subconscious Belief Change is Important Because:

Your Beliefs become Your Thoughts
Your Thoughts become Your Words
Your Words become Your Actions
Your Actions become Your Habits
Your Habits become Your Values
Your Values become Your Destiny
– Mahatma Gandhi

Overview of the WILOPA Healing SYSTEM

Overview of Wilopa System Love the Process

Daniel D. Sweet is the founder and pioneer of the Wilopa Healing System. WILOPA is a holistic facilitation similar to eclectic psychotherapy. While our system is not a western medical process, nor are we doctors, we are NLP practitioners utilizing and combining only the best, most helpful, and proven components of cognitive behavioral, psychodynamic, and humanistic therapies along with holistic healing modalities and subconscious reprogramming techniques.

Even though it might seem complex and technical, we’ve distilled down the best of what works into an extremely simple process. This program contains simple step-by-step actions that you can take in order to overcome your problems and move forward toward your goals.

The Wilopa System involves the following in this order:

  1. Wisdom
  2. Love
  3. Compassion
  4. Patience
  5. Self-searching
  6. Insight
  7. Courage
  8. Inner strength
  9. Action, and
  10. Self-control.

Other aspects involve:

  • gentleness,
  • goodness,
  • kindness,
  • persistence, and
  • support.

After experiencing the process most people say they feel a sense of one or more of the following:

  • clarity,
  • acceptance,
  • peace,
  • self love,
  • joy, and
  • hope.

These positive actions and emotions create a container that gives you space to feel safe during your healing process. Ultimately leading you from the place of pain you are feeling now to the wonderfully happy and fulfilling place that you’d rather be.

Wilopa Tools for Healing and Growth

Think of Wilopa as a carpenter’s or a mechanic’s large rolling toolbox. And all the different healing modalities (therapy, holistic, medical, etc.) are each a unique tool designed for a certain application. So what we do is use the Wilopa toolbox to discover which healing modality, or combination thereof, is best for you at this time and for your specific situation. Then apply it and help you work through the process of whatever each healing modality entails.

Most of the therapy and holistic healing and growth techniques we’ll do together. If you’re going through a medical process with doctors or a hospital, or something else outside our professional range, then we’re there for you in an emotional support capacity helping you through your medical process.

Most of our clients are amazed at how fast it works and how complete it is. And then afterwards they enjoy long lasting results. They say they feel happier, have a clear mind and a light heart. They feel healthy and more at peace with themselves, and with the world around them, than they ever did before. And because of their happiness and mental clarity they move faster toward achieving their goals. It’s really a very remarkable process. And also it’s fun to do!

There are 4 Cornerstones to our System:

  1. Problem: Identify Core Problems and Issue(s), not just the symptoms.
  2. Solve Core Problem(s) and Core Issue(s)
  3. Heal from the Affliction and/or the Experience
  4. Grow into a Better and Stronger more Resilient Version of You.


Problem solving through expert troubleshooting to find the core issue(s). What you think is your problem might actually only be a symptom of a deeper core problem that you are not consciously aware of. So first we have to identify the deepest core problem on a subconscious level. Most problems have symptoms such as sadness, anger, fear, procrastination, apathy, etc. Those symptoms are always rooted in one or more core problems. Removing the symptom only gives temporary relief because it will come back from the core problem.

Think of your symptom as leaves on a tree. If you remove the leaf it simply grows back. Same with branches. The only way to keep branches and leaves from growing back is to cut the tree down and remove the roots.

Another way to think of this healing process is in mechanical terms. Such as a car engine. There are only 3 things an engine requires to run. Air, Spark, and Fuel. If any of those are missing then it won’t run. If they exist but are not in the proper relative amounts to each other then it won’t run well. It takes fine tuning for maximum performance.

So as in people, we also need air, spark and fuel to run. When we are emotionally bound our breathing feels constricted, and then we don’t get enough oxygen. We all need that inner “spark” of desire to continue our journey in life. We need the spark of drive, passion, confidence, and enthusiasm to perform. And we need fuel; emotional fuel (love, kindness, support) as well as physical fuel (good food and water).


Second we solve the problem, or when necessary go deeper to solve the core underlying problems and issues. This is where we apply necessary healing processes and take action steps. Like removing a tree stump and its roots; that way the symptom(s) and the main problem goes away for good.


Third we heal from the pain. If only emotional pain could mend as easily as broken bones. Quite often emotional pain goes deeper than physical pain. And it usually requires more effort and sometimes even external help from someone you trust. Again, we apply more healing processes as necessary. The deeper the pain and trauma, or if it’s very old pain and trauma, then more time is required for healing. How much time varies from person to person. However most people going through the Wilopa System heal much easier and faster than they think they will.


Fourth we grow from the experience. This is a long running action step. You learn something from every event that happens to you. Now is the time for conscious effort into that life lesson being positive and constructive. At the very least, your previous mistakes show you what NOT to do and what does not work!

Healing the Core Issues

All emotional problems have roots in one or more of the following issues:

  • Anger
  • Sadness
  • Fear
  • Hurt
  • Guilt

We must release them in the order listed; Anger and Sadness usually (but not always) being released together at the same time, then the next 3 individually. Then, if there are other negative emotions unique to the situation, we release those next. If more than one extra emotion then we muscle test to ascertain priority of order in releasing.

Taking Action and Growing Forward

The final step in the Wilopa Healing System is continual on-going maintenance of self. Once you are past the current crisis of today you want to make certain you are not in the process of creating a new crisis for tomorrow. So a great place to start is reflecting on the past and envisioning a desirable future while living in the present moment making good choices.

In terms of negative emotions and situations, those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it. So you must remember and use your wisdom to create a vision of how you want your future to appear. Then live in the present taking action towards your bright and compelling future.

Since you are only human, and fallible, it is inevitable that mistakes may happen along the way in your journey. This is okay! It’s part of your learning process in life. The good news is when that happens you will have the Wilopa System to use for quickly repairing any setbacks. And then easily continue moving forward unhindered and emotionally open towards your positive goals.