Energy Vampires: How to Defeat, Shield, and Protect Yourself

How to defeat, shield, and protect against energy vampires.

This tutorial article is not about what an energy vampire is. Since you’re here you already know the signs. So let’s not waste any time. You’re about to learn how to defeat and energetically shield and protect yourself from energy vampires using a combination of NLP, PSYCH-K®, and other spiritual techniques.

Part One:

Identify the energy vampires. Energy drains are not always people. Sometimes it only looks that way on the surface because people are involved. The drain could actually be coming from an object, situation, or spiritual condition. It could also be you. Two core tenets of Wilopa™ are taking personal responsibility and living at cause. So make sure it’s not you who is willingly (albeit subconsciously) sending energy out all the while blaming others of stealing it from you.

Part Two:

Don’t blame the energy vampires directly. You don’t want to be adding more negative emotion for them to feed off from. And besides, most people don’t know they are an energy vamp sucking the energetic life force from your soul. Most times they’re not doing it on purpose. So once you shield and stop the drain then maybe you can help them heal. But helping them is totally optional based on your relationship and unique situation with them. That’s another topic entirely. So for now let’s continue focusing on you.

Part Three:

Once you locate and identify the exact source of the energy drain now you can stop the flow and shield against it. Follow the easy steps in this tutorial guide:

1) Get permission

Ask yourself (your subconscious internal system) via muscle response testing if it is safe and appropriate to stop the flow of energy to the vampires, shield against it, and for you to be consciously aware of it. If YES then continue with the steps. If NO then stop right here and muscle test more statements until you find the truth. Then proceed accordingly.

2) Find a Safe Space

Find a calm, quiet, safe place where you can meditate alone uninterrupted for at least 15 minutes. Suggestions are a park bench, bedroom, car, garage, or even the bathroom. Whatever works best for you. And remember to turn off your phone!

3) Get Comfortable

Get comfortable and settle in. But not too much comfort for napping! You can stand, sit, or lay down. I find a lotus position helps. Sitting up straight on the ground with legs either in lotus position or the more comfortable alternative “Indian style”. Place your wrists on knees palm up and touch any one finger to your thumb on each hand. Sort like an “OK” sign. Any fingers you feel is best.

4) Receive Message(s)

Now concentrate on feeling a sensation of peace wash over you. Think upon your energy drain situation with love and curiosity. The reason for this period of reflection is for obtaining answers. Many times a stressful situation bears with it an important message for you. You want to know what this message is for your own growth and peace of mind. If you miss the message then the universe will find another annoying way to attempt delivery to you. Once you sense your learning is complete then thank the situation for the lesson and send it on its way in love and peace.

5) Shut Off the Flow of Energy

Imagine yourself shutting off the flow of energy in a way that carries the most meaning or makes the most sense to you. Here are some examples: Turning off a light switch, closing a door or window, saying goodbye and turning away, or even standing your ground and watching them walk far away over the horizon and out of sight. There is no right or wrong way, just whatever works best for you. Allow your intuition to guide you and be creative if you wish. Here’s what works for me: I imagine a glowing beam of energy coming down from my higher power above entering the top of my head and going all the way down through me to ground. Then the power inside me expands like a bubble creating a thick energetic shield that nothing can pass through in any direction. Thus cutting off the flow of energy.

6) Lock it In

Lock in the change you’ve just made. Tell yourself this is permanent until such time that you willingly and consciously decide to change it. You are in full control. Imagine locking it in or sealing it off in whatever way makes the most sense to you and feels right. Such as locking and dead bolting a closed door or window, clicking a padlock, putting tape over a light switch or gluing it down in the off position, etc.

7) Confirmation

Muscle test the statement, “This process is complete”. If YES then congratulations you’re done! If NO then go back to step one and start over. Maybe you missed something or there is another drain to contend with, or maybe your system requires another run through it from a different perspective. It is okay, you’ve got this. Keep going until you get a YES to “this process is complete”.

8) Testing and Celebrating

Test it. It’s the only way to 100% prove to yourself that your process is working. Think to yourself, “what can I physically do in the next 24 hours to prove this process is complete?” And then perform the proof action you come up with. When all is well celebrate your accomplishment!

Part 4: Request Help or Learn More

If all of this seems daunting to you it’s okay. There’s a lot here to absorb and perform. If you have any questions or want some help going through this process then please reach out and tell us. Schedule a free discovery call so we can chat about your issue. Then we can book a session and go through the process together with you so you can finally close off the energy vampire for good!


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