Procrastination – End it! How to Find Easy Motivation

End Procrastination Now! How to Find Easy Motivation

Procrastination is a differing of priorities. On a deep subconscious level, that thing you’re putting off doing is just not that important to you. Sure, on the surface in your conscious mind, it might be something very important. Such as paying bills, cleaning your house, or if in business doing your paperwork, taxes, and marketing.

But you just don’t want to do that one thing so you procrastinate. Then you start to feel the pain of waiting too long. It could be in the form of mental pain, as in being upset with yourself. Or the pain of paying late fees because you put off paying your bills for too long. Could be the pain of a dirty house then friends or family pop over and you feel embarrassment and make excuses for the mess. Can you relate?

Priorities Matter

More on priorities. What are yours? Let’s talk about universal priorities; breathing is a great example. When’s the last time you put off breathing? Ever procrastinate on that? If you do then you’ll experience pain rather quickly. And then find motivation to take your next breath equally as fast as you’re feeling the pain.

Now let’s compare it to your favorite hobby or activity. When you’ve set aside time for your favorite thing to do, how often do you procrastinate over doing it? Probably not too often. Most people look forward to doing that one thing all day and gleefully run to it with joy when they get the chance.

End Procrastination

So the best way to deal with procrastination is to alter your priorities on the subconscious level. We can easily do that with an NLP technique called Mapping Across. That technique is great for changing a like to a dislike. It also works in reverse changing a dislike to a like.

First we outline that thing you are procrastinating doing. Then we find out what you feel is similar that you actually really like doing.

Then we reprogram your subconscious mind by mapping across the similarities. This causes your mind to associate that thing you don’t want to do with the good qualities of the thing you love doing. So then next time you have to do that thing you once procrastinated then your subconscious mind will actually look forward it and you’ll love doing it. You won’t have to force the feeling because it will come naturally.

It really is just that easy and effortless. The entire change process takes only an hour or less; that’s one session with me. And then you’ll enjoy instant results! Book a free discovery call today in order to end your procrastination tomorrow.

Final Thought: If you procrastinate booking the call then… Well, there’s not much we can do for you. So book it and get on with doing what you know you need to do; and enjoy doing it!


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